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Ride of A Lifetime
Our first Ride of A Lifetime was a resounding success; Two Trail Bosses and Four Veterans for Three Days and Two Nights.

We rode off the ranch to the Cahilla Indian Reservation. We set up camp and had a cowboy dinner cooked in a dutch oven over an open fire. We spent two days riding the many different trails on the reservation. On Sunday it was time to ride back to the ranch and join our families, friends and supporters for an end of the ride BBQ.


We are adding to our first ROALT by adding a day and a new camping location. On Thursday June 7, we will ride out of the ranch and again head to the Cahilla Reservation. We will ride across the res and by using surface streets work our way to the backside of Lake Riverside Estates where we will have lunch.

At lunch we will be joined by a Trail Boss from Reed Valley Ranch who will lead us over the Cahilla Mountain on the Amen Trail to the Reed Valley Ranch. We will set up camp at RVR.

On day two, (Fri), we will take a six to eight hour ride that will include a visit to a working ranger fire lookout tower.

On day three, (Sat), we will ride two and half hours in the morning. After lunch we will compete in a Cowboy Challenge. This will be a fun competition on horseback that will include simple cowboy tasks like opening a gate while mounted on your horse.

On day four, (Sun), following breakfast we will head back over the Amen Trail and reverse our path to end up back at the ranch for a welcome home BBQ with family, friends and supporters.

This will be a very special four days for the veterans who get to go. This ride has no hauling the horses. Anyone who has a horse and wants to join us is welcome; bring your horse to The Mazanita Ranch and leave your rig here.

We currently have six horses at the ranch. We are looking to add two more horses before the Ride of a Lifetime. Is so, that would give us the ability to accomedate six veterans on the ride.

Veterans who join us on the ride must have already visited the ranch and been on our One Good Day Ride. Any veteran who needs an adventure to help deal with the anxieties of PTS is welcome to apply to be included in this adventure. There is no cost to qualifying applicants.

If you know a veteran who may be interested in joining us on this once in a lifetime adventure, please refer them to this site or contact

The Manzanita Ranch never charges our Veteran Clients for our services. We are an all volunteer organization. The cost per rider for this adventure ride is $350. If you would like to sponsor a veteran rider click here:


All friends and supporters are welcome to join us at the ranch on Sunday June 10 for the Welcome Home BBQ. This is a pot luck with the ranch furnishing the meat. There will be live music, fellowship and fun. Come join us; RSVP to:


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