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Our Services

Different services made for different people

Our ranch offer a wide variety of services that vary from beds, lunchs, horse bonding, horse riding, classes, sport activities and charity activities like our One Good Day plan. Since we're a non profitable organization we try our best to make our prices as cheap as possible, however most of these services cannot be provided for free since we also need to cover our expenses and pay our agents and employees.

Here you will find the services we offer, when you can participate and how much it will cost you for the ones that require a payment.

Poker Tournaments

$20 to $60 Buy-in Monday to Sunday
  • Since a lot of our guests enjoy playing cards, they started to organize poker tournaments and cash games together inside of the ranch. What started as a small hobby between some friends sleeping at the same place became some very serious games that involved more and more money as well as more and more semi professional and even professional poker players. We then decided to make it better organized and started to create our own events where everyone can participate. We have a Texas Hold'em tournament going every day from 6pm. Prices start at $20 per buy-in on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, they go to $40 per buy-in on Friday and Saturday and $60 on Sunday for the biggest event of the week. Our biggest tournament to date ended with a cash prize of $16,000 for the winner and $23,000 in total. We also organize cash games with blinds ranging from 1-2 to 5-10. Games take place every day and run almost 24/7.

Beds, breakfast, dinner

from $35 per night
  • Of course you can spend a night, or even 20 nights in our lovely ranch. We offer a high quality service to our guests as our beds come from Sofitel Bedding and our employees are experienced hotel and ranch employees. We offer a breakfast to share with every guests every day from 6am to 10am which is included in the room price. Our rooms are all high quality bedroom, with air conditioned installations, OLED TVs, bose sound system, walk in showers and inside jacuzzi or indoor pool for the best suites. If you're looking to have a wonderful experience during dinner, come try our Michelin starred restaurant, managed by Philippe Machenard, a sauce specialist french chef. Philippe will make you feel like you're on top of the world with his specialities although you didn't even have to pay a quarter of a normal Michelin Starred restaurant. Every meal can also be brought directly to your room as our room services is open from 6 in the morning to 11 pm. Prices for the rooms range from $35/night for a classic room to $350/night for the presidential suite.


$40 per person
  • For every hunting passionate, you will be able to enjoy our beautiful landscape surrounding the ranch while you go and hunt for the deers, the birds or even other species running around the place. We also provide you with the rifles, the camo apparel and every accessories needed to hunt for what's best at this time of the year. Hunting sessions start at 4 am and usually end between 4 pm and 5 pm. We will ask for a front fee of $40 per person to cover for our expenses, however if you want to bring your very own rifle, you can do that and save some money while doing it. Same goes for the apparel as you can bring everything that you need and basically just hunt for what's almost free. Please be aware that we all love animals, want to let them have their peace and quiet and every animal being hunted will be brought back to be eaten.

Skiing and Kayaking

$30 per person
  • During the cold winter, snow will invite itself to cover the whole area around the ranch which will give us the ability to truly use our nice hills and mountains. There is a skii station, less than 20 miles away from the ranch location. Sadly we don't offer skii slopes, however you will be able to make a reservation for the Skii station directly from our office. Our guest will also be able to benefit from our very exclusive discount. We also rent skiis, snowboard and every piece of equipment needed to ride the slopes properly! Every Kayak Canoe lover will quickly become a Manzanita Ranch lover ! The river flowing around the ranch over some amazing spots for water activities such as kayaking. We offer a full day experience that starts with a long morning walk, a nice meal on top of the hills and a ride down the river in Kayak to get back to the ranch. As scary as it is, kayaking is super fun and will give you a nice rush of adrenaline while you ride the fast waves of the nature!

Horse Riding

from $10 per hour
  • You understood it, our ranch is all about horses. We love those magestic animals even more than they love us (which is already quite a lot!). They help us relax, enjoy a long walk / ride through the nature around us. If you want to enjoy a ride through and enjoy the landscape, you can join the sessions we organize almost every day for as low as $15 per person and it's free for the kids if you have a mini version of you that wants to enjoy a ride with our small horses. We also offer Horse riding classes to learn the basics about horse riding, the fundamentals and some tricky situations for the more advanced. Beginners classes → $10 per hour, sessions are held every Monday from 4 pm to 6 pm. Fundamental classes → $15 per hour, sessions are held every Wednesday from 4 pm to 6 pm. Advanced classes → $20 per hour, sessions are held every Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Horse Bonding

  • We believe horses are one of the best animals on the planet to help you release tension, and learn to calm down. We offer our horses services for free for those who need them. People who suffer from PTSD will get priority as we thrive to help them as much as we can. If you feel like you could need some calm moment with those majestic animals, come any time and you will be able to feel the real calm, for free!

How to contact us

mail: contact@manzanita.org

phone: 707-946-7464

Fax: 707-946-7465